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How to Find the Right Transportation Service

Getting Non-emergency medical Transportation in Texas isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Regular taxi service or a ride-sharing app may do in a pinch, but they aren’t the ideal solutions for such a problem. After all, there are factors that may preclude someone from using such services. Wounds and Such People bleed. People who … Continue reading

Why You Should Seek Medical Transportation

Being hurt or injured doesn’t last forever. But when it is happening, it can be quite the cause for anxiety. Getting to and from the hospital can be rather an arduous task when you’re hurt, and you can’t exactly call emergency services since they’re not a taxi company. When it comes to moving about while … Continue reading

Common In-Home Accidents That Require Medical Attention

It is at home that injuries and incidents commonly happen. Some of them can be treated immediately and some may require medical attention. The case may be mild or serious, but if a person doesn’t know first aid or medical procedures, it is important to avoid self-treatment in order to avoid further complications. However, if … Continue reading

Take Safety Awareness Seriously

It is no doubt that safety is important in day-to-day life whether we are at home, in our respective workplace, or in a public place. This is why, wherever we are, safety has always been our main consideration. However, not all people are aware about safety. Safety awareness is a broad subject, but knowing the … Continue reading

Tips for Promoting a Safe Environment for the Elderly at Home

Aside from the decline of seniors’ senses – sight, hearing, smell, or touch, most of them also experience mobility problems. With these factors, it is evident that elder people are more susceptible to accidents. As family members or caregivers, it is our responsibility to promote a safe environment for them at home. At Force EMS, … Continue reading

The 3 C’s First Aid – Check, Call, and Care

Every day, whether you are tending to your child’s wound, taking care of a worrisome symptom, or dealing with a minor injury, you are practicing first aid. First aid is a helpful technique that could help save a life. If you encounter a situation and don’t know how to administer the first aid, the best … Continue reading

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