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Tips for Promoting a Safe Environment for the Elderly at Home


Aside from the decline of seniors’ senses – sight, hearing, smell, or touch, most of them also experience mobility problems. With these factors, it is evident that elder people are more susceptible to accidents. As family members or caregivers, it is our responsibility to promote a safe environment for them at home. At Force EMS, a Non-emergency Transportation in Texas, we value the welfare of people, especially the elder people. Here, we provide some tips to promote a safe environment for elderly people at home.

  • Use sufficient lighting inside and out

    It will be easy for them to reach and get important things if there is sufficient lightning at home. This is particularly helpful for elder people who have macular degeneration or vision problems.

  • Keep the home clean and organized

    Clutters at home may lead to accidents. Moreover, the dust or grime may contribute to allergies and illnesses. Thus, it is important to keep the home clean and organized.

  • Store medications in a safe place

    Medications are important for elder people, especially those with several health conditions. Make sure all prescriptions are updated. Place them in a safe where children and pets cannot reach.

  • Carpets and rugs should not be worn

    Loose carpets may lead to falls, which are dangerous. Make sure these are not worn or torn. If falls happen at home, call Medical Transportation Services immediately.

  • Install rails and grab bars to slippery places

    This will give them a good grip in case they lose balance. This is also a helpful way to help avoid falls in elder people.

When any medical situations happen at home, don’t hesitate to call Medical Transportation in Longview, Texas. We provide professional “bedside to bedside” service with well-trained medics to cater to the patient’s needs en route to the hospital. Whenever you need us, either in the morning or midnight, we can respond to your call promptly.

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