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Common In-Home Accidents That Require Medical Attention


It is at home that injuries and incidents commonly happen. Some of them can be treated immediately and some may require medical attention. The case may be mild or serious, but if a person doesn’t know first aid or medical procedures, it is important to avoid self-treatment in order to avoid further complications. However, if not avoided, Force EMS, a Medical Transportation in Longview, Texas can provide safe transportation to bring the harmed victim to the hospital or the healthcare provider fast and safely.

Some common accidents that happen at home are:

  • Cuts or laceration
    Cuts are usually caused by sharp objects like a piece of glass, blade, or knife. Never dress an infected or contaminated cut. If you are not able to thoroughly clean it, cover it with a sterile bandage lightly and seek medical attention. For deep wounds that are gaping open or requiring stitches, call your medical provider immediately. You may consider hiring a Non-emergency Transportation in Texas to get to your destination safely.
  • Puncture Wounds
    Normally, puncture wound doesn’t bleed too much but may cause internal injury. It is a small deep hole caused by objects which are capable of penetrating the skin deeply. This type of wound needs thorough monitoring as they may cause further swelling, redness, or discharge.
  • Infections due to cuts
    With cuts or wounds, there is a greater risk for bacteria, viruses, or fungi to enter the body which can cause infection. Infections may develop in a certain part of the body or may circulate throughout the bloodstream. Be on the watch for redness, swelling, pain, or pus as these may indicate a serious infection.
  • Dental injuries
    A tooth injury accompanied by swelling and inflammation that is making headway from your tooth to other parts of the face is life-threatening and needs immediate medical attention. Immediate medical care may be attained through hiring Medical Transportation Services.


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