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Importance of BLS and ALS While on Transit


When we employ Medical Transportation Services, speed, safety, and the comfort features are the hallmarks that we predominantly look for. While a medical transportation provides such attributes, there are certain cases when patients experience complications that require more than speed and comfort while in transit.

Whenever a patient suffers an illness, appropriate medical care must be given beforehand to avoid exacerbation. Contrary to what most people think, medical transportation is deemed not only for fundamental transportation assistance but also for Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support. Depending on the situation, BLS and ALS are medical care given to patients until they receive comprehensive medical care at the hospital. Why are they important?

  • Basic Life Support

    For patients who need careful medical attention en route, BLS is extremely helpful, especially when involving unresponsive breathing casualties. It is a level of medical care which is given for patients with life-threatening illnesses before they are given full medical care at hospitals. A medical transportation consists of trained medical technicians or paramedics who can execute BLS when necessary. If you or your loved ones need basic life support, a Medical Transportation in Longview, Texas is here to help you.

  • Advanced Life Support

    It involves a higher level of care that sustains the patient’s welfare while in transit. If a patient requires tracheal intubation, intravenous cannulation (IV), advanced medication administration or advanced cardiac life support, ALS is very helpful. A Non-emergency Transportation in Texas provides ALS for patients requiring a comprehensive care.

Most often, casualties happen when appropriate medical care is not given immediately. We can’t let that happen. That’s why at Force EMS, we provide BLS and ALS, with responsive EMT professionals and trained paramedics to do the necessary procedures while traveling.

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