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Challenges Faced by Wheelchair-Bound Patients


Getting through each day is uncomplicated for people with complete mobility function. But for a wheelchair-bound person, there are some challenges and even insidious health threat that they will encounter due to surfeit sitting. Having to sit all day, most people think that being on a wheelchair is straightforward and effortless, but it’s not! Here are some challenges faced by a wheelchair-bound person that you need to know:

  • Uneven terrain and sloped ground are difficult to maneuver

    For wheelchair users, approaching rough terrain and sloped ground, it is truly a troublesome journey. Apart from that, there is always the fear of having the wheels stuck which is difficult to maneuver. As such, one needs to get help. Force EMS provides Non-emergency Transportation in Texas which can help them traverse places with convenience and safety.

  • Getting on and off a public transit can be tedious

    Accessing the public transit poses a nuisance since not all transport vehicles are wheelchair-friendly. One may hire a Medical Transportation Services for easy transport in going back and forth to home, attending social occasions and doctor appointments, instead of utilizing public transportation.

  • Even with pressure sores and lower back pain, they have no choice but to sit still

    A wheelchair-bound person has limited capacity to do extra movements and when pain is experienced, they have no choice but to stay in place. Having to sit all day, it makes them more prone to cardiovascular diseases and other conditions associated with inactivity. From time to time, it is important to have health checkups to ensure they are in good state of health. In that case, a Medical Transportation in Longview, Texas can be very helpful.

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